27 February 2023

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Leveraging YouTube Hashtags for Enhanced Viewership

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When it comes to promoting your video content online, YouTube remains a dominant player. With billions of users globally, the platform provides an almost unlimited opportunity to reach your audience. One often overlooked, but potentially powerful tool in the YouTuber’s arsenal, is the hashtag.

Understanding the Power of Hashtags

For those unfamiliar with the term, a hashtag is essentially a keyword or phrase, typically preceded by the # symbol, used to categorize content on various social media platforms. On YouTube, the role of the hashtag is twofold: it not only enables users to tag their videos under specific topics but also enhances their discoverability quotient.

Similar to Twitter and Facebook, clicking on a YouTube hashtag will lead you directly to other videos tagged with the same. These tags are visible in two areas of a YouTube video page: above the video title and within the video description box.

The Benefits of Hashtags on YouTube

The question then arises: does adding hashtags actually augment your video’s SEO and ultimately increase views? According to YouTube’s Creator Academy, they certainly do.

Hashtags offer three main benefits. Primarily, they can channelize viewers from other videos using the same hashtag towards yours. Suppose you upload a video on marketing with a corresponding #marketing hashtag. Now, when viewers browse through other videos bearing this hashtag, there’s a possibility they’ll be directed straight to yours.

Secondly, YouTube users frequently search for videos using hashtags as keywords. By optimizing your video around a certain hashtag, you stand a chance to rank higher for those specific searches.

Lastly, much like regular YouTube tags, hashtags aid YouTube in comprehending your video content better. For instance, tags like “#diet”, “#paleo”, and “#keto” provide cues to YouTube that your content is health or fitness-related. Beyond SEO benefits, they offer an organized method of linking related videos from your channel outside of playlists.

The Limitations of Hashtags

However, while hashtags hold the potential to drive up views, they aren’t a magic bullet for success. YouTube itself cautions against excessive reliance on them as they can’t compensate for the absence of crucial factors like Audience Retention in the platform’s algorithm.

When it comes to adding hashtags to your videos, you can either incorporate them within your video description or directly in the video title itself. The former will render your hashtags clickable within your description and display the first three above your video title, while the latter would make your tag visible in the title itself.

Strategies for Choosing the Right Hashtags

The tricky part lies in identifying which hashtags to use in your videos. Here are three strategies:

  1. Trending Videos: Browse YouTube’s trending videos category to identify currently popular content. However, ensure that these trends align with your channel’s focus before incorporating their hashtags.

  2. Popular Competitor Videos: Analyze top-performing videos on channels similar to yours and consider using their hashtags.

  3. YouTube Suggest: Simply type “#” into YouTube’s search bar and it will suggest popular current hashtags.

Potential Downsides and Mitigation Strategies

There are potential downsides to using hashtags too. Primarily, they could divert viewers away from your video as they click on your hashtags, thus negatively affecting Audience Retention.

One way around this is by creating a branded hashtag. This ensures that if someone clicks on your hashtag, they are shown more videos from your channel rather than those of others.

A few tips to remember: Avoid over-tagging; more than 15 tags render all of them ineffective according to YouTube. Ensure all your hashtags are relevant to your content so you don’t violate YouTube’s “misleading metadata” policy. Finally, consider making use of hashtag tools like Hashtagsforlikes.co for more hashtag ideas.


Remember, when used correctly, hashtags can significantly enhance your video’s exposure and reach on YouTube. But as with all tools, they must be used judiciously and as part of a broader strategy. By understanding the power of hashtags, choosing the right ones, and mitigating potential downsides, you can leverage this tool to increase viewership and maximize the impact of your YouTube videos. So go ahead, start incorporating hashtags into your video content and watch your audience grow.

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