28 March 2023

Essential SEO Copywriting Tips- Boost Blog Visibility & Engagement

Decoding the Essence of Visual Content and Its Imperative Role in Marketing

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Visual content has become an indispensable aspect of online marketing. In today’s digital landscape, where image-based material reigns supreme, marketers are prioritizing visual content to drive traffic, social shares, and backlinks. The effectiveness of visual content in these areas is supported by significant industry studies. For instance, research conducted by BuzzSumo and our team showed that infographics were particularly successful in building links.

If you’re looking to harness the power of visual content marketing, let’s delve into 15 types of visual content that you can experiment with.

15 Types of Visual Content

  1. Concept Visual: Visualizing complex concepts, strategies, or ideas makes them easier to understand. By creating a visual representation of a concept, others may use your visual to explain the same concept, linking back to your site.

  2. Native Video: Designing videos specifically for individual social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter can keep users on their platforms longer. This is favored by the algorithms of these platforms.

  3. Ultimate Guides: Creating comprehensive guides on a single page about specific topics can be highly effective. Enhancing the guide’s perceived value with a custom-designed page can make it even more impactful.

  4. Infographic Guest Posts: Instead of a traditional guest post, consider creating an infographic. Infographics are visually appealing and can be hard for website owners to refuse.

  5. Data Visualizations: Visual representations of data, such as charts or graphs, make raw numbers easier to understand and digest.

  6. Embedded Blog Post Videos: Incorporating short video content within a blog post can make explanations more engaging and easy to comprehend.

  7. YouTube Videos: Leveraging YouTube, the world’s second most popular website (Alexa), can be a potent platform for content marketing.

  8. Flowcharts: Flowcharts are excellent tools for visualizing processes and helping readers understand “if X then Y” concepts.

  9. Explainer Infographics: Infographics are not limited to data visualization; they can also be used to teach someone a new strategy or approach.

  10. Screenshots: Screenshots are valuable in bringing technical content to life by showing people what to do, rather than just telling them.

  11. SlideShare Slide Decks: SlideShare, one of the world’s top 250 most-visited websites, offers untapped potential for content marketing. Creating slide decks can help you tap into this platform.

  12. Interactive Content: Content that moves or changes based on user interaction stands out from static blog posts and can capture the attention of your audience.

  13. Visual Collection: Curating a list and presenting it visually can increase its perceived value tenfold.

  14. Co-branded Infographics: Collaborating with a partner to create an infographic can reduce costs and double the promotional impact.

  15. Cartoons/Comic Strips: Using cartoons or comic strips can effectively and humorously explain ideas or concepts, making your online marketing stand out.

  16. Maps: Presenting data as a map tends to generate social shares and traffic, as news outlets often share and embed them on their sites.

  17. Blog Post Banners: Adding a large banner at the top of a blog post enhances its aesthetic appeal and makes your content appear more significant than just another blog post.


In conclusion, each form of visual content has its unique benefits in making your message more effective and engaging for your audience. Understanding how each type works will help you harness its potential for your content marketing strategy effectively.

By incorporating these visual content types into your marketing efforts, you can enhance your SEO copywriting and increase the visibility of your blog. Remember to conduct thorough keyword research and optimize your visual content accordingly to maximize its impact. With these effective SEO writing tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating visually compelling content that captivates your audience and drives results.

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