21 March 2023

The Art of Content Repurposing- SEO Tips for Increasing Blog Visibility

The Art & Wisdom of Content Repurposing

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In the realm of content creation, there exists a powerful tactic known as “content repurposing” or “content recycling.” This technique involves the ingenious reutilization of existing content to expand its reach. By changing the format of the content, such as transforming a written blog post into an engaging infographic, we can unlock its full potential.

The Power of Repurposing Content

The primary strength of repurposing content lies in its remarkable scalability. Rather than creating every post, video, infographic, and webinar from scratch, we can leverage a single piece of fresh content to create a multitude of other forms. This approach frees us from the burden of constantly generating new ideas and allows us to focus on maximizing the impact of our existing content.

Moreover, repurposed content has the ability to infiltrate new audience demographics. Even if a written guide was published years ago, it can serve as the foundation for a captivating YouTube video today. By repackaging the content in a different format, we increase its chances of gaining traction and reaching new viewers.

Implementing Best Practices

To effectively repurpose content, we must first identify which pieces on our site are prime candidates for this strategy. Evergreen content, which remains relevant over time, is usually an ideal starting point. These timeless posts can be repurposed multiple times without becoming outdated or irrelevant. By locating these evergreen gems, we can breathe new life into them through fresh content formats.

There are several strategies to unearth such content. One approach is to use Google Analytics to identify pages that consistently draw significant traffic. Another option is to utilize YouTube Analytics to find popular videos that can be converted into podcast episodes or blog posts. Additionally, a simple scan through our blog feed may reveal posts that still hold relevance today.

Once we have selected the content to repurpose, it is crucial to adapt it to suit each format. A verbatim recitation of a blog post may technically yield a video, but it is unlikely to engage viewers. Instead, we should use the article as a foundation for a video, adding sound effects, transitions, and other features to create a compelling visual experience. The same principle applies when adapting content into audio, slide decks, infographics, case studies, and more.

Content Repurposing in Action

All content creators will eventually discover that their long-form material contains bite-sized pieces of content that can be shared on social media. By breaking up long articles or videos into smaller segments, we can share them on platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn, increasing our visibility and reaching a wider audience.

Visual creativity is another key aspect of effective content repurposing. Many creators have existing text-based blog content that can be transformed into visually appealing formats such as infographics or animated videos. By presenting the information in a visually engaging way, we can capture the attention of our audience and make our content more shareable.

One common misconception about content creation is the belief that once a topic has been discussed, it should never be revisited. In reality, the same tip, technique, strategy, or approach can be discussed multiple times across different pieces of content. Each iteration allows us to provide new insights, examples, or perspectives, keeping the topic fresh and relevant.

Repurposing Content for Guest Posts

Content repurposing also plays a valuable role in guest posting. We can take an existing strategy and use it as the foundation for our guest post. However, it is crucial to focus on creating unique content that includes new examples and perspectives. By building upon our existing knowledge and adding fresh insights, we can provide value to both our audience and the host site’s readers.

Republish Your Existing Content

Another straightforward way to repurpose our content is by republishing it on blogging platforms like LinkedIn Articles and Medium.com. While this may not always yield the same results as writing something new or tweaking existing content, it is an easy method to increase our visibility and reach a different audience.


The art and wisdom of repurposing content lie in its economical scalability and ability to reach new audiences. By repurposing our existing content, we can breathe new life into old work while maintaining consistency in message and brand integrity. In the ever-evolving digital landscape where content is king, mastering the art of repurposing gives us an undeniable edge. So let’s harness the power of content repurposing and unlock the full potential of our creations.

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