04 March 2023

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An In-depth Exploration of Moz Pro: Your Ultimate SEO Suite

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Moz Pro is a highly sought-after holistic SEO software suite that offers a range of tools designed to enhance the visibility of your website on search engines. With features like Link Explorer, Keyword Explorer, and Rank Tracker, Moz Pro provides comprehensive solutions for your SEO needs.

Link Explorer, the successor to Moz’s Open Site Explorer, is a powerful tool that boasts a significantly larger index of 35.5 trillion links. By simply entering your website or your competitor’s site into the tool, you can generate an analysis report on the link profile of that particular site.

One key metric provided by Link Explorer is Domain Authority (DA), which quantifies the link authority of your entire site. A higher DA indicates a greater number of high-quality links pointing to your site. While this number alone may not provide deep insights, it becomes valuable when comparing it with the DAs of your competitors. It helps you understand where you stand and assess your potential to rank for similar keywords.

Link Explorer also offers “Linking Domains,” which allows you to benchmark your site against your competitors. Additionally, you can access the “Top Pages” metric, which highlights the pages on a site with the most link authority, known as “Page Authority” by Moz.

One standout feature of Link Explorer is “Link Intersect,” which enables you to identify sites that are linked to your competitors but not yet linked to you. This feature proves extremely useful when running a link-building campaign.

Fresh Web Explorer

Another tool under the Moz Pro umbrella is Fresh Web Explorer, a brand mention monitoring tool that actively searches for recent mentions. While it may not find as many mentions compared to other tools in the market, it is undeniably handy for content promotion and link building.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer tool is one of the best features in Moz Pro. It provides accurate monthly search volume numbers by utilizing real user data to estimate the number of people searching for a specific keyword each month. The tool also offers insightful metrics such as keyword difficulty, organic click-through rate (CTR), and a “Priority Score.” This score simplifies the process of focusing on keywords that exhibit an ideal combination of search volume, organic CTR, and competition.

Site Crawl

Moz Pro’s Site Crawl feature is an impressive built-in SEO audit tool that categorizes its findings into “Critical” and “Warnings,” making it easy to identify and rectify important technical SEO issues promptly.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker, another powerful feature of Moz Pro, provides a comprehensive overview of your Google rankings. It shows how many keywords have moved up or down and provides insights into your overall search visibility.

Page Optimization

The Page Optimization tool analyzes your site’s on-page SEO. By inputting a URL and the keyword you wish to rank for, you will receive an overall “Page Score” that estimates how well-optimized that page is for the specific keyword.


MozBar, Moz Pro’s Chrome extension, offers insights into link data such as Domain Authority and Page Authority directly from the search engine results pages (SERPs). It provides comprehensive data on link and on-page SEO metrics for Moz Pro subscribers.


One of the most valuable offerings in Moz Pro is “Insights,” which provides a prioritized list of tasks aimed at boosting your site’s SEO. This feature helps highlight critical areas that can make a significant impact when optimized correctly.

Moz Pro Campaigns

Finally, Moz Pro Campaigns consolidate all the data from your Moz account into a dashboard, providing a consolidated view of each site’s SEO performance on a single page.


In terms of pricing, Moz Pro offers plans ranging from $99/month for the “Standard” plan to $999/month for the “Premium” plan. Whether you are just starting out or are a small business owner looking for value-for-money SEO software, Moz Pro holds immense potential.


In conclusion, Moz Pro is a comprehensive SEO suite that offers a wide range of tools to enhance your website’s visibility on search engines. From analyzing link profiles and tracking rankings to optimizing pages and monitoring brand mentions, Moz Pro provides the necessary features to improve your SEO efforts. With its user-friendly interface and valuable insights, Moz Pro is a valuable asset for any business looking to increase their online presence.

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